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 Founder / CEO, Egypt Concierge

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Ehab Malek

I’m the CEO and founder of Egypt Concierge – is considered the most comprehensive concierge Agency in Egypt due to its variety of services and agility of solutions.

Certified hospitality trainer

Certified hospitality trainer by American Hospitality and lodging educational institute. AHLEI

Certified travel trainer

Certified travel trainer by EU program, Technical and Vocational Education & Training. TVET

Certified Air Transport and travel expert

Certified Air Transport and travel expert by International Air Transport Association. IATA

Certified International Arbitrator

Certified International Arbitrator by The General Syndicate of International Arbitration Consultants and Intellectual Property Experts.

Certified Independent Diplomatic Commissioner

Certified Independent Diplomatic Commissioner by International Justice Organisation,. IJO

Diplomatic Representation

Diplomatic Commercial Representation and Consular Relations Consultant. IUSSPS.org

Italian Cuisine Chef.
Video Blogger.
Content Creator.

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